Current Exhibition “Courting Disaster”

9 – 31st October 2015, Urban Cow Studio, 11 Frome Street Adelaide 5000


Nuclear paradise 2015

Nuclear paradise, Oil on Board, 2015, … x …


As with my previous paintings, the external world becomes a means for exploring inner states of being. I am not at all interested in the natural world as a landscape painter might be, but see it as a suitable vehicle for conveying a sense of the emotional and psychological. Upon reflection I can see that the paintings are generated as a response or an antidote to “too bright a life”. Living in an affluent first world country we have little to rub against so I feel compelled to create my own disasters to create contrast and texture to the predictable, safe and sometimes bland life that is on offer. Making these paintings allows me to recklessly court disaster but from a very safe distance: exhilarating (if somewhat disturbing)!